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The Guwahati Municipal Corporation was constituted in the year 1974 with only 34 nos of wards covering an area of 216 sq K .m. Since then, there has been manifold increase in population leading to increase in number of wards to 60 in 1995. The present population of the city is about 9 lacs.

Some basic data related to Guwahati Municipal Corporation

Population 9 lacs(approx)
GMC area 216 sq Kms
Wards 60
Employees 2750
Revenue zones 4
Public works division 5
Public work zones 23
Primary schools 5
High schools 1
Parks 12
Municipal markets 11
Holdings 1,00,000
GMC roads 1919 (511.5Kms)
Water treatment plants 3
Production of water 80 MLD
Water pipe length 425 Km(approx)
Population served 4 lacs
Deep tube wells 8
Harijan Colonies 6
Trucks employed in conservency 40
Excavators 5

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