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The Guwahati Municipal Corporation has facility for self assessment of property tax by owners / occupiers of lands and buildings. Any owner / occupier may apply in following prescribed forms in respective zonal revenue office of GMC.

Office of Deputy Commissioner, Central Zone, Panbazar
   (For Ward no. 23, 27 to 31, 34)

Office of Deputy Commissioner, West Zone, Bhutnath
   (For Ward No. 1 to 21)

 Office of Deputy Commissioner, South Zone, Pub Sarania
   (For Ward No. 32, 33, 35 to 38, 25, 26)

 Office of Deputy Commissioner, East Zone, R G Baruah Road
   (For Ward No. 22, 24, 39 to 60)

Forms are available in PDF fromat. PDF files, require the Adobe Acrobat Reader (Download Acrobat Reader) on your computer.

  Property Tax Application Form
Download Application Form for Self Assessment
Download Guidelines for Self Assessment
Download Undertaking
Download Self Assessment Sheet
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